Monday, June 8, 2009

The place where we will say "I DO"

ADDRESS: Araneta Cmpd, Victoneta Ave., Potrero, Malabon

This is my High School's Chapel. This chapel is very serene and a very very perfect place to say solemn vows. A private chapel owned by the Araneta Clan. Many wedding scenes from local teleseryes from ABS-CBN and GMA-7 had taken place on this church. Some are Kristine-Jericho's "Pangako Sa'yo", Angel-Piolo's "Lobo" and GMA's "All about Eve".

Jan, 2009: When I brought A to the place. He was 100% sold. ^_^
He took pictures of it to show to his Mom. Since the chapel doesn't have its own parish office, we have to booked it to St. Peter & John Parish who is the church assigned to manage OLVC's bookings. I also have to asked my Mom's help to pay the Araneta Village Office that is only open from M-F. So there were two (2) bookings for this chapel. One from St. Peter & John and the other was from Araneta Village's Office. Nonetheless, the combined price is still ok for us. Much affordable compared to Manila Cathedral and San Agustin :P

Both our Mom's loved the place. They both suggested to book the place and no need to look for other venue. Hahaha. They don't know that it's done even w/o their approvals.

Here's some pics of OLVC:

The main gate

Outside view (Left)
Outside view (Right)
The Ceiling
one of the Side doors

The altar
Top view
View from the side
Isn't the place so lovely? We love it.


Jaki said...

Hi Sis!

The Church is so beautiful. I'm surprised that there's a church like this in Malabon. I'm from Caloocan and I think it's pretty accessible from our place.

Jhan said...

Thanks Sis!

Very private chapel. So solemn place.

imee said...

Hi! the Church is nice, pede bang malaman mgkano ang wedding d2?thanks!

jacibarph said...

Ganda ng church, How much ang nagastos sa church? Thank you!

Anonymous said...

30k is their package now.. but this package includes use of their garden for the reception.. i had 3 wedding events na with this church and the reception were all held at the romantic garden of this church..

Anonymous said...

my brother is planning to get married and I'm searching for a very solemn church with a garden for the reception... i think this is it.... do you have a price list for this gorgeous place?

Jhan said...

This is indeed very solemn and nice chapel. ABSCBN and GMA 7 held weddings therfor soap and movies.

Bec i was an alumni of Araneta School. Got d package at 20K all in for church and garden.

Just dont know what the price now.

Anonymous said...

i want to get married here.. can someone tell me how much is there package for a wedding? thanks..

Jhan said...

Hi. We got married in this church 2009. That time, its 20k both church and the garden at fhe back of the chapel.

And since I am an alumni, we got 10% discount so we only pay 18K.

I think, now, the place has improved a lot so the prices might have gone high too. From what i heard, there are functions venues na like Fernwood style.

Anonymous said...

I'm a bit confused. Some people refer to this as "Our Lady of Victoneta". I wonder what's the official name.

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