Tuesday, September 20, 2011

1st Parteeehh!!!! part 1

work + demanding baby = busy mommy

Yes! That's ME :-)

I returned for work last Sept. 5. And for 2 weeks, I've been busy already (as expected). Meetings here and there, updates here and there and long list of unread emails that even added more pressure and stress.

Even before I return for work, I was busy thinking of possible party themes, looking for suppliers, and making my guests list, etc. in preparation for our son's dedication (Christian way of Baptism or Christening). I am so proud and happy of the outcome of my son's dedication happened on Sept. 17. I found out too na magastos din pala ang binyag!!! Grabeh!!! parang kasal?!!! hehehe.

BTW, A BIG thank you for family and friends who celebrated with us! ^__^

Anyways, I will write about baby J's dedication in phases. Let me start with my DIYs 'coz I'm proud of it. :P

Let's start with the theme. Basically, I just don't want a typical, blue baby boy theme. I don't want the typical disney babies, barney and baby stuff and so the quest for trendy theme is a bit of a challenge for me given just a month to organize it before I dwell or get too stressed because of office-works. But considering budget, (which is the biggest FACTOR) i told myself that if I pick a theme, I have to stand with it from invitation down to souvenirs. Time + Budget are two things made me juggle If I should make a themed party or just throw an out of the package party offered by restaurants (i.e. Max's Restaurant). 3 weeks before the chosen date, I trimmed down my choices to 2:

1. Simply Blue: A typical theme for a baby boy. I thought of blue Dots or Circles and teddy bears. Simple!

2. Angry Birds: This is one of the current, popular and enjoyed game characters not only of kids but even by adults. I'm excited doing this but is also challenged to add and or bring out cuteness in it for a baby party. I thought a baby theme is all about cuteness, happy, light, colorful and sweet but not ANGRY!!! hahaha. 

I must admit that in order for us to fit within the budget, DIY is of great help and value. And so, I tried to study photoshop and started to look for suppliers and websites that will help me pull all resources I need for the party.

I am so proud of my DIY invites and so I posted all variations I was able to make.

Here's one of the many reasons that kept me busy for the past month.

Ist attempt: theme = cars

2nd attempt: theme = blue dots
3nd attempt: theme = blue dots

4th attempt: theme = angry birds!!! version 1  ^__^

5th attempt: theme = angry birds!!! version 2  ^__^

6th attempt: theme = angry birds!!! version 3. The FINAL invitation!!! Isn't he cute? ^__^

This one was for the tarpaulin!!!
 Baby J says "Present!" :P

I'm so proud I was able to make cute not - so angry birds invitation and banner!!!

--- Proud and Happy Mommy

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wie said...

hi mommy! :) can i just ask what website did you do that DIY invites? thanks in advance :)

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