Sunday, June 21, 2009

Prenup at Subic & Clark

Yey! We're done with our prenup photo and video shoot. We had it yesterday, June 20 at Subic and Clark.

Before that day, we were praying and really hoping for a good weather since there were 2 tropical storm that were spotted last Monday. And as expected, we experienced rains and cloudy days from the early part of the week. But God is really good for He heared and answered our prayers. A and I were so thankful because

1. We had a good weather. Not 100% sunny but still, it was good. There were several rain showers but it didn't affect us at all.
2. We had fun.
3. We had a safe and relaxing trip.

Wedding preps are getting much more exciting!!! However really COSTLY!!! Hahahaha!
I'm excited to see the "patikim" peechurs and "teaser" video from richard buan and Jezreel Cruz.

Will surely share them once I have the copy with me.


Jhan said...

Test comment

- jhan

Apol said...

asan mga pix?

Jhan said...

La pa Sis....surprise daw sabi ng photog and video namin...Hay, kinakabahan nga ako sa outcome eh. Partida pics pa lang...kabado na ako! nyahahaha

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