Saturday, March 16, 2013

Baking is Money Making

Yes, you heard it right. I'm starting to make money out of my newest hobby...and that is baking. *big grin*
If you will notice too, my sidebar has more links and blog list about baking. Hehe. Actually my sweet tooth pave way to my interest in baking. It all started with a wishful thinking. When someone gifted us an oven toaster and turbo broiler, I fancy how to bake using these electric appliances. I even looked for possible recipes to bake using an oven toaster and turbo broiler. However, it seems too tiresome than buying an out of the shelf slice of cake from my favorite bakeshops. 

But I guess the saying "When there's a will, there's a way" or sa tagalog, "Kapag gusto, maraming paraan..." is really true. I was able to persuade the Mister to buy a gas range with  oven when we were looking for a new 2-burner stove just to save on LPG. Hahaha. That's what you call, creating the interest and the need of a buyer. O di ba?, nagamit ko pagiging ahente ko sa asawa ko. :P
The story behind was told on this post, where it all began.

I started baking ready made batter from the grocery. Then started reading blogs and looking for online recipes of cupcakes, cakes, bread and cookies!!! My eyes get big and almost drool on beautiful plating and recipes I get to see online. Some of my favorites sites/links are already in my sidebar.

Last year, I was able to sample and gifted dozens and dozens of cupcakes. My block buster flavors are chocolate and carrot cupcakes! They were a winner!!! And last Christmas was indeed crazy. I gave cupcakes as Christmas gifts to friends. Cupcakes as our share for parties (pot luck) and cupcakes almost in every celebration we attended.

Majority of my creations were posted in Instagram and FB. Shame on me, I failed to write about it here due to my limitations when it comes to time management. Blame it on making priorities. Mommyhood comes first than blogging. :P

Devils Cake with Chocolate Ganache. The cake is a ready made batter mix  but I made the ganache.

The Ultra Moist Chocolate Cake. Recipe is from Aikko of Bake Happy. Such a generous lady to share recipes.

First attempt to bake a cake. This was for Jared when he turned 9 months.

Chocolate and Vanilla Cupcakes for Mama's 58th Birthday

Rainbow cupcakes. Aren't they pretty? 

Practicing how to write on red velvet cupcakes. :-)

Chocolate Cake for my Nephew's 3rd Birthday. The frosting was not  perfect. hehe

Christmas giveaways
Banana Bread with Chocolate chips

My latest creation...chewy chocolate chip cookies.. Winner!!!

My first sale were 4 dozens of cupcakes (2 dozen chocolate and 2 dozen carrot) for a simple debut of my friend's sister. I was told that they were a big hit to the guests and my friend, (the hostess) forgot to save one for herself. hehehe. 

Anyways, I'm so darn excited to be an official entrepreneur and who know's, I, este, we might own our Bakeshop. We have tons of ideas in mind but still on the blueprint.

For now, I'm glad I have a tall order of 9 dozen of chocolate chip cookies!!! God is so good. 
My dough is already done waiting for it's 24 hour countdown before I can bake them. Ohh, I'm so excited.

Baking is one of the reasons I'm getting a bit healthier than before. :P


giday said...

wow sis sa picture pa lang mukhang masarap na,, good luck sa business mo. =)

Jhan said...

Thanks Giday!!!

Want to order some? Hahaha...papaship ko sa SG. :-)

khimphotz said...

hi sis,

khim here...remember me

wngaun lang ako nagbabalik nice to know you're in to baking....

ill visit na ulit your site...blogging was my stress reliever before ...

kainis lang di ko na nabalikan ulit.

pero now ill blogg na ulit :-)

Anonymous said...

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Joseph Requerme said...

Those are sumptuous cakes/muffins(whatever you call it). Masaya siguro mag bake nito..sarap!!

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