Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Wedding Dress Quest #3: Jazel

Jazel. We met her last March 28 at Martha Stewart Bridal Affair at World Trade Center. We were a bit disappointed about the fair coz we expected it to be big with lots of suppliers similar to Wedding Expo held at PICC. So we roam around and looked for possible suppliers. One of our main target was a couturier.

Since we finished early at pass 1PM, we decided to visit the shop one of the participating couturier. It was in Makati. Just 15-20mins away from World Trade Center. She's pretty, young and sexy. We had the normal Q&A while she do her on the spot sketch. When she finished, I liked it. She knew what I wanted even w/o any print out of wedding gown inspirations. She's a big and possible supplier but it's still way out of the budget. So, we left the shop a bit giddy coz I can imagine myself with the dress on. However, the ka-ching-ching factor is still the most vital reason to consider her.

A actually liked her. When we left her shop, A was kidding that if we get her, he (take note HE) might visit the shop often as expected and just bring up reasons just to see her. *Toinkz* Good thing I was not the jealous type. But to be honest, I liked her too. Fashion is really her passion. I liked her trendy style and how she mixed her design with the design inspirations i have in mind. If we were not considering budget we might really go with her. But bottom line, the price should be right. *Sigh* Ang hirap magbudget!!!

Nonetheless, Here's her sketch of how my gown will look like. (If will book her)

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