Saturday, August 8, 2009

This is what I will wear on the Big Day

Finally, I have it with me. Though this is NOT YET the final as in FINAL sketch.
But just like any other brides, I am so much excited to post it. Honestly, I have the first sketch since May. But then i felt that it was not really my dress. I read from the book "shopaholic ties the know" by Sophie Kinsella that "you will'll just know" if a wedding dress is yours.
Seing the first sketch was sort of just "ok". The sketch was pretty. It has the elements of the gown inspirations i sent. But there were no jump-of-the-heart or what-so-weird-feelings that some brides normally can't explain when they share their story of their bridal gown.

(1st sketch: front view)
Our motif is Fuchsia Pink and Mocha Brown. I want my gown to be neat and simple. Skirt should be plain and not too heavy. Since the skirt of the gown is plain, i want the design to be on my veil. And since I love butterflies, my veil will be decorated with butterflies and little flowers to add drama.

(1st sketch: back view)
I want the back of the gown to be sexy but not so bare. There will be a transparent cloth on the back with some beads or embroidery as design.

3 weeks after, I bugged A. Told him that I'm not happy with my gown. It's not me. The halter thing is not my style. So we visited Mr. Noe Reyes (our courturier) just to vent out that He need to redo the sketch of my gown. Because i can't see my self on that dress. hehehe.

So the 2nd sketch was born. This time, I'm settled.

(2nd sketch: front view)
Since I was not comfortable with halter style of 1st sketch, the 2nd sketch has an asymetric strings with butterfly on the right shoulder. Hihihi. Ayaw ko ng butterfly noh? The veil will be the same. With butterflies and tiny flowers as design.

(2nd sketch: back view)
See the revision of the back? It will still be transparent skin-tone cloth with few beads and embroidered designs

But last month, we visited Noe again to let him know that we've decided to let him do the gowns of the female members of the entourage excluding the Ninangs. To our surprise, Noe handed me a revised sketch. It has a removable train that adds drama to my simple dress. My eyes instantly glittered. Hehehe. I was ecstatic. So that's the sign of "This is it."

So here's the 3rd sketch.

(3rd sketch: front view)
This i like more. SIMPLE.

(3rd sketch: back view)
This is the train Noe added. This will have the butterfly designs and some tiny flowers. The beads for the flowers will have a touch of colors of pinks to reflect our motif. Isn't it dramatic? Hehehe. Now this is really me. Hehehe.

Noe already got my measurements included A's last August 1. Have the sketches as well for the mothers, the secondary sponsors and the brides maids. Will post them in a separate entry.
Hay, I'm excited for my 1st fitting!!! Hihihi


AyRhin said...

sketch is beautiful....
sayang at sana kasama din ako sa susukatan ng damit...

Jaki said...


The gowns are all beautiful!
But I have to agree,the third sketch is the best, with removable train pa!

Are you also from Caloocan?


Jhan said...

Hi Jaki,

Yes. Caloocan me. San ka ba?

Jaki said...


I'm from 2nd Ave.

Jhan said...

Aba! Neighbor! Sa Bagong Barrio ako. Near MCU actually.

karen said...

I am very new here and I am just trying this out...

Hmmm, Jaki, are you my best? Just hoping =)

Jhan, nice you mind sharing with me the contact info of your designer? I am still at a lost as to who will do my gown..I have NO IDEA of what i like either =(



Melissa [IS•LY] said...

All of those dresses are beautiful, but the third is much more dramatic. I love it!

Jhan said...

Hi Karen,

Pls. shoot me your contact details on this email.

Will will be glad to help you!

Jhan said...

Oh Hi Melissa!!!

I'm surprised! Thanks for finding time to drop a msg. Really appreciated it.

Love you site. Super!!!!

Thanks a bunch!!!

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