Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The count down begins....

Time flies so fast!!!

Most countdowns begin at 10 and so I am starting it NOW!!!!

THUS, I am writing again! My ticker just told me It's 10 days to go! Weeeee!!!! I am starting to feel it. The excitement! The rush! The simply KILIG feeling! and ofcourse the STRESS!!!! Waaaaahhhhh!!! Can't be! I need to stay as calm as possible. *inhale-exhale....inhale-exhale*

One year preps doesn't seem enough!!! Aaaarrrggghhhh!
So many things to accomplish still. So many minor things that has to be ironed out! Hahaha!
Call that procrastination!!!

Those games in FACEBOOK really ate my time that should have been spent for arranging the seating arrangement, registrations, checklist, budget calculation update, etc!!! Call it SELF DISCIPLINE which I lack BIG TIME! ^__^

Ok! This won't do me no good. Just need to get a new entry for this blog. hehe

Time to do that "Invitation Tracker" again. ^__^


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alynn said...

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can i ask his contact details? thanks..good luck and best wishes!!!

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