Saturday, December 19, 2009

This is it!!!! Goodbye Single Days, Hello Married Life

This is it!!! I am getting married TODAY!!!

And few hours from now, we will say

Yihee!!! Goodbye Single Days, Hello Married Life!!!
Praising God more and more for all His goodness in my life, in our lives. ^__^


Estelito said...

Dear Jhan ni Adrian,

Congratulations to your "Wedding Day"

Merry Christmas
Tolits ni Lady

AyRhin said...
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AyRhin said...

Congratulations and Best Wishes!

Today, you will not only celebrate the grand wedding but will be the start of a life full of surprises, adjustments and challenges along the way.

Always stay in love. Respect and understand each other all the time.

We're so happy for both of you!

Jhan said...


Thank you so much Mheh!!! btw, asan na regalo nyo? :P


Thank you. Kayo na ni Lady ang susunod!!! Kelan ka uuwi? See you soon! hehehe.

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