Thursday, January 14, 2010

Back log

We have been married for 3 Weeks, and 5 Days to be exact.
So many things happened, events, holiday parties, new experiences, bonding moments with my husband (*ehem - ehem* Hihihi, it still brings me chills when I say husband and or asawa. Hahaha Hindi pa rin ako sanay *wink*), building our lovenest, etc, etc, etc. Sobrang dami!!!

I have lots of pics to post. Lots of kwentos to share and so excited to blog about this and that but was not able to post one. Our new lovenest doesn't have internet connection the enthusiasm to write disappears just like a balloon looses its air as days past. Plus the fact that most of the time, KATAM strikes over and over again kahit 2010 na! hehehe (Hmmmm.....baka B na ako??!!!....malamang hindi kasi dati na ako Tamad! Hahaha)

Nonetheless, i just wanted to put some of my blah blahs to update this blog while I wait for the official pictures from our wedding. Our photog said it will be released very soon. (so excited. Can't wait to see them!)


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