Saturday, November 6, 2010

All About the Bride Part 4: The Shoes

Obviously it's PINK!!! But before we get to the highlights, allow me to share what were my Shoe Inspirations are:

(Oh Butterflies!!!)

I've been searching and searching for the perfect pair of shoes but I decided to get it as a package from our couturier (Noe Reyes). He told me that he can get a partner-supplier who can imitate even designer shoes at a very affordable price. Well, the gullible me gave in and so I just looked on some shoe inspiration. Basically my criteria then was:

1. Simple
2. No Blings
3. Reusable for other occasion
4. Heels not high
5. Comfortable

So then, the search on magazines, malls, shops went on and on until I found this:

I though this will be PERFECT on my feet. And so I trusted Noe and his partner (Abbylyns). It actually went to 3 times of revisions. I lost my old phone with pictures of evidence how awful it went. But since I insisted and demanded that I will not wear them at all, they accommodated my request of changing it again (meaning back to square 1).....The end result:

(The Official Shot)

It didn't even get a bit close to the shoe inspiration design I provided them. But my concern during those time was...."if possible, do not entertain STRESS". Hmmm...come to think of it. I was actually not a grumpy nor a demanding bride pala noon. hahaha.

And I was able to use it again on my best friend's wedding.

Well all the criteria that I set were accomplished! So the verdict?

Supplier Name: Noeh Reyes + Abbylyn Shoes
Peso Power: Affordable
Remarks: Make sure you get realistic designs that they can imitate. The Material does matter A LOT!

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