Thursday, February 10, 2011

Buntis 04: Getting Bigger

Yey! Finally, I can continue reading "Shopaholic & Baby"!!! A (a.k.a hubby) find a way to get me a copy. He downloaded it from the web. (Ssssshhh!!! I know it's another form of piracy. Sorry Sophie, I can't buy another copy of the book. I'm afraid, I might lost it again. :P)


I started doing little exercise for the back just to ease the pain I'm having and I believe, It works. Thanks to WTE (What to Expect) book! (O yan ha, tama na! *wink*) It helps a lot!


And each day, I must admit, I'm getting bigger or the belly itself. Last Saturday, I hit 122lbs. An additional 2lbs in just a week. Hmmmm...I gained almost 10lbs now starting from my pre-pregnancy weight of 112lbs. Not bad for me who is already at my 19th week.

I started to feel the baby moves on my 18th week. Little movements specially at night when I am resting and about to sleep. I can still remember from my last check up dated Feb 5, how our OB says that our little Tria is so "likot". We heard how fast the baby's heart beats was and sounds like "wow-wow-wow-wow". From one blink, our OB will trace the baby again and roll the fetoscope around my belly just to keep track. A and I were both happy hearing it again.

Well, I am scheduled for a congenital scan by the end of the month. This scan is carried out in order to look for any abnormalities in the baby’s structural development (from head to foot) and growth, and to check the position of the placenta and by then, we will know if we are having a boy or girl. Yey! So excited!!!

Obviously, I want a baby girl, but A is more of wanting a boy. But then, gender is the least of our concerns now. All we want is for our little one to be healthy and normal.

Excited to see you Baby!!!

during my 17th week

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