Thursday, August 18, 2011

Can I be just a Stay At Home Mom (SAHM)?

Wow! It's been 7 weeks now of my mommyhood! Yey! I'm surviving each day of dirty diapers, less sleep pa lang at night (wag naman sanang sleepless nights), alburuto/ligalig moments (alburuto means agitated) and sore nipples but I'm still equally happy and contented.

In 2 weeks time, I will be returning for work. *Sigh*
Can I just be a Stay at Home Mom (SAHM) like some of my friends? *Sigh again*
I don't want to leave my so cute baby at home. Feeling ko, even if I go to office, my mind will be at home thinking of my baby. How is he? If he has been fed on time. If he burps after each feeding. If he squirms and cry before sleeping. If this and if that... Aaaarrrggghhhh!!! Grabe, totoo pala yung mga narinig kong testimonies of my friends who had babies. You can't just let someone look after your baby when you're at work. Mas gusto mo pa rin na hands-on ka on your baby.

We're lucky because my mom agrees to stay with us to help me look after our baby. We have been blessed as well because we didn't get a hard time looking for our house-help to take care of all the house chores. But even if with Mama with us, I am proud to say, I am all hands-on to baby Jared.

Hay (Sigh), If only A's salary can cover all of our expenses, or better say GROWING EXPENSES, I will definitely wear my SAHM hat. But for now, I have to go back to work and help out A to provide for our family.

At 7 weeks, our baby has grown so fast!!! We believe he is now at between 7-8kgs. He doesn't look like a 7-wk old baby but a 4-month old one. Hahaha!!! Super takaw kasi. As in!!! His Pedia said his brain has developed faster than regular babies at his age by the behaviors he is showing us. We are really thankful to God for giving us such a wonderful child. We are confident baby Jared is intellectually gifted too just like his parents!!! : P

Aaaawww, just by looking at him now (Baby Jared, sleeping while I create this entry) my heart melts.
Well, who wouldn't be?

Photo taken on Aug. 17, 2011.. Playtime with Mommy... Baby Jared is a certified Happy Baby!

Photo take on Aug. 18, 2011. It's a bit gloomy weather that is why lightning is not so good. :D Baby Jared loves it when we talk with him and he replies with a cooing sound!!! Kakatuwa!


Mamee Nani said...

he has grown so fast mommy jhan!very adorable hence harder to leave him at home no?it's really hard but just think nlng it'll be for his future naman.goodluck working mom!

ayen said...

the title was actually my last shoutout at facebook! like you, i dreaded the day i'll get to back to work. i dont want to be away from my baby for so long. bawi nalang tayo pagkauwi from work! =)

Jhan said...

Hi Ayen,

Oo nga eh. :-)

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