Sunday, October 16, 2011

Shopping Cart

SHOPAHOLIC? Yes I am!!! I can relate so much to Becky Bloomwood. (the lead character of Sophie Kinsella's book series on Shopaholic) But I am proud because i am better than Becky Bloomwood. I still can control my shopping expenditure. :D

In fact, I am incomparable to her in a sense that I am not a signature or branded shopper. As long as I have a purchase, even it costs less than P10 or a thousand box, the feeling it gave me is still the same. :P

For me, shopping is like an elixir that makes me on high!!! I remember, my boyfriend (now my husband) will put his hands on the side of my eyes (like those of horse's blinkers to make them focus on the road itself, keeping their eyes from seeing beside and behind) whenever we pass to Landmark, Glorietta, then to SM before we take the MRT. It is his sort-of-effective way of keeping me walking from point A to B with very minimal distractions of whatever items are on display. Hehehe. Makati girls who take the MRT (Ayala Station) can relate to me on this. Because the short cut or better say air conditioned long cut going to MRT is  from Landmark's 2nd level (Women's Floor from trinkets, shoes, apparels & bag, etc.) then to Glorietta and then to SM, Makati. Imagine the distractions or many "window shopping" I do every night. (Happy Me!!!) Then after taking off from North Edsa MRT Station, there are couple of malls again that brightened up my eyes. (Trinoma & SM North Edsa) Hahaha!!!

There was also this period in my life when A and I were already engaged (2009) and we were really trying to save every penny we earn for our wedding day, I literally avoided shopping malls. My almost everyday mall tour was put on hiatus. I tell you, it made me frustrated, down and blue. It was totally not healthy for me, physically (physically daw oh? well, shopping can be an exercise! Walking non-stop from one level to the other. From one boutique to the other!!! :D) and emotionally.

Like what I say, I really feel happy whenever I have a small bag or a new purchase with me before going home. Be it food, accessory, one tank top and even one ballpen or post-it pad!!! I am simply in a bliss.
I also don't mind where to shop. Be it in sophisticated malls like Rustans to the overly crowded Divisoria.
As long as I do my shopping (even Window Shopping) in a regular basis!!!

Sharing with you some of my latest mall find that I am so proud of!!! :D

Shower Curtain:  Peso Power = P150; I actually bought 3 with different designs :D

Serving Bowl: Peso Power = P55; I bought 4 different colors!!! :D

I am actually planning to go to Divisoria for my first batch of Christmas Shopping before people from all corners of Luzon flock their way starting Nov to Dec.

--- Shopaholic Mommy,


Mamee Nani said...

sobra akong nkkrelate sis! apir!

Jhan said...

hehehe....o di ba?

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