Saturday, March 3, 2012

New smile

I had my braces way back in 2004 and took them off in 2007. Immediately after, I had the typical retainers in wires for 2 years just to hold my teeth in position and to avoid gaps in between. Apparently, when I moved out of my parents house after marrying, my mom accidentally throw my retainers away when they were de-cluttering my old cabinet. Since then (January 2010), no more retainers for me.

Last year (2011), I noticed small gap in between the upper front teeth. And last last year, a tooth from the lower part is somewhat out of the perfect alignment. It must be caused by the now fully erupted wisdom tooth that made the slight movement and crowding of the lower teeth. This alarms me and so the need to visit our dentist.

Dra. Haydee Sanchez of H.O.S doing Oral Prophylaxis
She's my dentist since 2001

Pearly White Teeth
The white particles were from the retainer dental molds

A had his Oral Prophylaxis too

My New (actual) Retainers
Now, I'm smiling with these ^__^

I find plastic retainers much more prettier than with wires. It's as if you not wearing any retainers. :-)

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