Monday, March 23, 2015

12 Minute Miracle

Miracles do happen everyday. 
It's your sensitivity on the events or things that happened to you in day to label it a miracle or not.

Allow me to share my 12-minute miracle with you. 

Last Tuesday, March 17, was a typical day for me. Wake up. Go to work. Run errands. 
But when I saw my friend-officemate, I invited her to continue our session on one to one (it is a seven-lesson follow-up and discipleship guide in Victory).

We had another good discussion thus, I ended up leaving office a bit late.
And when it's already pass 7pm, for sure, there will be a long line of people at the terminal. (this is at Ayala MRT, near SM Makati, where I get a ride going home)

While I was walking besides Hotel Intercon, I am already feeling the exhaustion of the whole day, the 15-min walk and the weight of all my stuff I carry with me while walking. Just a trivia: Going home, I normally walk from the office to the terminal near SM Makati. This is in hopes of loosing some calories I accumulated in a day. (Never loose hope. hehe)

And so as I approached the entrance of the terminal, I murmur a short prayer request to God. Asking him this: "Lord, pagod na po ako." (translation in english: Lord, I'm tired.)
"Pwede po ba mag-request?" (Can I make a request?)
"If OK lang po, can you surprise me?" (If it is OK, can you surprise me?)
"I pray, in Jesus name, that I can take a ride within 15-mins."

In my mind, God might give in to my request since I did something for ministry. Good works eka nga. I even used John 14:14.

John 14:14
You may ask me for anything in my name, and I will do it.

True enough, all my expectations has been validated. There was a long line of people at the terminal. In my calculation, 3 vans is needed before I can get my ride.

As usual, I started to line up. Looked at my watch and it says 7.20PM
In my head, I say, Lord eto na. Start na. (Lord, here we go. Timer starts now)

Few mins has passed, 1 van came along....another 3 mins, another van came along. I was smiling now as I inched myself closer to the guy collecting our pamasahe (Fare). 8 minutes has passed and I was excited what will happen next. Will God give in to my request? Will he hear my prayer?

And then, another van came along....this time, It was for another route. I continue to observe and monitor the collector if he will approach our line. Guess what? He went to our line and started collecting money. When it was my time to pay, I had this big grin on my face. I gave my money, get on to the van, looked at my watch. It was 7:32 PM. Exactly 12mins from the time I started to line up. That was so sporadic!!!

Matthew 19:26
Jesus looked at them and said, "With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible."

Normally, It will take me 
  • 15 mins - walking from Office to the terminal
  • 60 to 90 mins - waiting in line at the terminal
  • 40 to 45 mins - travel time from terminal to my place
So it's a good one hour and  a half to two hours going home. But that night, I even got a bonus from God. There was no traffic!!! How unusual can that be? It only took me exactly 25 mins from the terminal to my place in Taguig. Cool right?

So what am I trying to arrive at? All I am saying is, miracles do happen everyday. 
It's how you see things happen around you. It's how God, in many cases turn things on our favor. Just because we ask. And just because we trust that He can give what we ask. It's the mystery behind each prayer. How you pray and the condition of your heart while you pray. Prayer works!!!

That night, I simply acknowledge that I was tired. I lay my case. Request through prayer. Believed and claim.

James 2:17 says
In the same way, faith by itself, if it is not accompanied by action, is dead.

My 12-minute miracle might be so mababaw (shallow), trivial, depthless or insignificant. But for me, God can display how awesome he is even in the pettiest request a man woman can have.

It just feels so good how God can be so considerate in what we feel, in what can make us happy and comfortable. 

How about you? I know you also had a miracle today. your thinking. I can see you smiling.

Isn't our God awesome? He is right? :-)

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