Sunday, May 31, 2009

Food Tasting #6: Hizon's (part 2) - UPDATE

Here's an update of the food tasting that we had yesterday.

We arrived at Hizon's venue in Proj. 6 at almost 12nn . Went in to the bldg, looked for our AE and waited patiently for our turn. When our AE approached us she seems to be more shy than us. Hehehe. We had the normal Q&A and filling up of the info sheet. Afterwards, the main event was served. Food!!!

We expected that we will be seated at the rooftop where the dining tables and food were set up similar to the 1st experience we had with them. But we figured out that we came a bit late so many might be eating still. So the food was served at the mini conference room where we were seated that was near the work table of the AEs.

As expected, food was good. Delicious. But then again, for the second time, we were not accommodated that much. Why? After the main course, we expected to have a sweet treat from their selection of desserts but none came. The AE just went on with her boring spill. Imagine this, she's talking about PROMOs and FREEbies that would at least make the discussion interesting, but sad to say does not ring any bell or light any bulb on our head. We were not even asked for a refill of glass of water!!! A and I both wanted quality of service. We wanted to feel special. Unfortunately, the attending AE was not successful in (1) making us feel important or wanted (2) convincing us to go and sign up for their service. Yeah, She's nice and pretty but that's not how the grading system works. I don't know if she was bored or tired or maybe that's how she normally do her presentation. In order to win prospect clients, rule of thumb is clients should be attended well. Unfortunately, we did not experienced that for the 2nd time. We guess we were simply not meant for them.

Nonetheless, here's the rating on food.


Cheesy Lasagna Pasta
Pork Oriental
Lengua Royal
Chicken Terriyaki
Fish Fillet in Lemon Butter Sauce


We left the venue frustrated. Yes it was free but it does not warrant you'll be happy afterwards.
Since we didn't get any sweets at that time, we ended up pacifying ourselves with DQ's blizzard. :P

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