Thursday, May 28, 2009

Food Tasting #6: Hizon's (part 2)

Yep. We will have a taste of their food again this coming Sat, May 30.
The new AE that will take care of us is Kristel. I hope this time, we will be attended well.
The 1st food tasting we had with Hizon was a big mistake from their end. A and I were really, as in really sold out of how good their food was but...too bad, someone has forgotten us for we were sitting there for almost hours waiting to be entertained of how their package are. We value service. If you suck on this....big SORRY. *shrug shoulders*

But, It's still free food for us. :D

Who know's we might consider another catering services on a separate date. Can be another party for a smaller group of people. Hehehe. This is not impossible to happen.

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