Wednesday, May 20, 2009

It all began with....

The Ring.

Yes. Just a few minutes past 12am of Dec. 28, 2008 (after my birthday on Dec. 27 of last year) I received a princess cut diamond-white gold ring from A. According to him, the plan was to give it to me on the night of my birthday (Dec. 27) while we are enjoying a romantic candle lit dinner with an overlooking view of Baguio City in a cozy-romantic Italian resto. That was plan A. However, Plan B, didn't turned out right as well. (What was your plan B again Hon? Sorry, memory gap. :P)

Anyways, we got lost on our way back to the rest house and walked the streets of Baguio at an almost 10-11 degrees Celcius that brought me to BRRRRR and annoyance because we were so fricking LOST!!!! In short, many bloopers happened and his plans to carry out the proposal just didn't work out well as he expected it to be. Hehehe. Obviously it's an epic fail. That's the reason why I received the ring pass 12AM of Dec. 28. So, I got the ring, still in a blooperiffic way of asking me the big Q. Hahaha. Imagine this, before we enter the house, He pulled out the box from his pocket. Openned it and began his blahs-blahs of why he was doing that and more blah-blahs and then asked me.

(mala inquisitive look talaga). Then I went...
"Di ba, may dapat kang itanong muna sa akin bago ako sumagot?"

Hehehe. I still can't help but to smile recalling the event that was. So when I told the story to our closest friend, they couldn't believed it. Coz of all people, A would be the type of person that will not run out of insane ideas that will swept a girl off her feet. But if applied to him....believe me, he sucks! (sorry A, but that was exactly what happened!!! hehehe *hugs to A*).

This should have been posted 6 months earlier or right after the blooper-ful proposal. But we've been a sedulous couple moving to places for meetings here and there, attending to exhibits here and there and so the plan to have a wedding blog was put to a long hold and so to speak. Plus the fact that I can't really decide on where to house our wedding page. Hihi.

So let me complete this first entry by saying....Our engagement, began with a ring, and it will end with another ring...Ofcourse, Our Wedding Ring!!!

Cheers to a Happy Journey to Forever!

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