Monday, May 25, 2009

Wedding Dress Quest #2: Veluz Reyes

Who will not love Veluz? If given a chance, i will really get her even if I have to work extra hard just to get extra cash for my bridal gown budget. But, i am be a Veluz bride, NOT! only in my dreams :(

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Friday, March 27, 2009

Search for my Wedding Dress

We've attended several bridal affairs since Jan of this year and I talked several friends who tied the knot for recommendations for their gowns. I phoned several local suppliers and grabbed almost every supplier brochures for wedding designers, couture, etc. Send several emails here and there. I even read entries on W@W. (but so many entries nakakahilo magbasa..hehe)

So, just last night...I was checking new pictures of Richard Buan and Paul Vincent. For the record, Paul Vincent was my favorite Photog. I've been a fan/follower of him for almost 2 years now. However, we settled with Richard Buan because of budget. I must say, Richard Buan though is equally talented. (I hope hindi magtampo si Richard if ever he reads this. :P )

Anyways, to continue my story..... as I was browsing Paul Vincent's site, I went to one of his links. Hovered my mouse to "The Veluz Bride". Instantly I was WoWed by her creations. It's beautiful. I browsed and browsed for older posts and every bride was amazingly beautiful with the her dress. I sent her an email asking for her rates, etc. then went to sleep.

So today, I was lucky to be home early. I opened my rig...checked emails to see if Veluz replied then visit Veluz' site again. Since there's no reply, I sent SMS to the mobile number posted on the site. As expected I got a reply but not from Veluz but from Gercel. Exchanged few SMS with her. I was already stitching thoughts of myself, with my gown made by Veluz when an SMS came from Gercel.

The SMS was:

Gercel: "Ms. Janice, sori po bt we r fully bookd na po on dat date..."
Me: "why? how many brides do you accommodate ba?"
Gercel: "Yes po, we only accomd8 4 brides in a day.."
Me: "Ganun? So quota na kayo? :-( "
Gercel: "Yes po, so sori po tlaga.."
Me: *sigh*

My dream dress from Veluz....Gone!!! :(

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