Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Yes! So many things happened. Activities from left and right plus work.
These kept me from updating this wedblog. Nonetheless, I am really itchy to post this so "keber" if I am here in the office. Hehehe.

Our photog, Richard Buan literally kept his promise that he will give us "A Teaser" of the pictures taken last June 20 from our prenup photoshoot session. It's like ages waiting for this considering it has been only 10 days since that date. Oh, how I really wanted, actually WE really wanted to see the rest of the pictures. It's the waiting period that keeps us so excited. Kaloka. Ganito pala ang feeling. Hihihi.

So here's that TEASER shot. Sorry guys, you also have to wait for the rest. :P

BTW, we also have our prenup video taken that day. Just the same, Jezreel Cruz is still editting it. Can you guys make it a bit faster? Bring those teasers on the table!!!!! Uurrrggghhhh! ^__^

*waiting still*


leyds said...

cute ng shot, san ba delivery ? hehehe

carlamaldita said...

very nice! for sure ganda din ng ibang pics!

carla - kaw@wie

Jhan said...

Hi Carla,

Thanks. Sabi nga ng photog namin...Magaganda din daw yung mga kapatid nyan. :P

Jhan said...


Sa simbahan ang delivery nyan!! :P

Helene said...

Hi Jhan! Hahahaha, love this shot! Sa NLEX to??? Ang kulit! Super bitin naman! Can't wait to see more!

Jhan said...

Hi Helene!

Yes Sis. Sa NLEX po. I will post the rest as soon as I got them. :D

Thanks for visiting ha?

God Bless!

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