Friday, July 17, 2009

DIY: Monogram

Weeee!!! This was my very first attempt. Our Monogram!!!
Ofcourse it comprised of our initials J for Janice, A for Adrian and T for Tria. I decided to use just T instead of Tria because for me T seems to bring out more romance. Why? Because J and A is a perfect combination. We fit to a T. Nyahahaha! Sobrang cheesy!! Itulad daw ba sa kanta? *wink*

With regard to the colors I used it's Brown & Fuchsia Pink. Our wedding motif. Actually it should be mocha brown but it seems so pale, so I used Brown instead. I enclosed them with a circle, because round means "no ending". ^__^

Hmmm....Well, Tria is the new lastname I will take 5 months from now. Whew! I'm still getting chills thinking about it. Combination of "kilig" and "kaba". What I am certain about marriage life is that it wont be an easy ride. But we will take each turn, each hump and each slide, with a brave face, with a sweet smile and with a big heart because we will be together as "one".

*toinkz* It much be the rain. Hahaha.

Anyways, can you help me choose which one to use? :D

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