Monday, July 13, 2009

We were featured at Weddings at Work (W@W) ^__^

I still can't believe it. So overwhelmed by the fact that because of our "daring act" of prenup poses (hihihi) or should I say out of the norm concept of prenup theme, we gathered so many positive responses and reactions and to our very surprise was even featured at Weddings at Work (W@W) newsblog section. W@W is one of the most popular wedding forum/site that Filipino people especially bride/groom-to-be are part of. Ofcourse, I am part of it. So love W@W. Hehehe.

Kudos to h2b. He's the mastermind of this "Hitch-via Karton-moment" concept.
And a bunch of thanks to our photog, Richard Buan for delivering the pictures so well. A and I loved them all.

Here's the screen shot: Link Here.

I will share all the comments I gathered both from the Teaser shot and the Prenup Shots.

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