Monday, July 6, 2009

Prenup: Hitch

Finally! They are all out!!! Yey!

After the super-bitin Teaser we got from our Photog, Richard Buan, the long wait has ended. I learned about it this morning. However, I was busy the whole day so I pacified myself by taking a short glance on them. I must say, I am well satisfied.

I believe I don't need to expound nor elaborate more how our Prenup happened. The pictures will speak for itself. Bottomline we had a blast! I'm actually eyeing for the post-nup. Hahaha. But A has not yet say his "Yes" about it. Hmm....most likely we'll have one, coz I'm the boss. *wink*


Feeling sexy.... :P

Behind the scene.... @ NLEX
See A's belly? Sumisigaw!!! Ha ha ha

See that patrol car behind? Yes, there were 3 Patrol cars with Police Officers who tried to stopped us. They just shrug shoulders and smile at us after knowing we are getting married soon! Hihihi. Mga Eskandalosang pose kasi. tsk tsk tsk. ^__^

@ Clark

@ Subic

Jump shot before heading back to Manila. :P

More pics here.

Uber thanks to Richard & Wilma. Ulitin natin! :P

Jez and Dindi, we can't wait for the video.


Apol said...

i heart every shot!!! super!! parang gusto ko mag gantong prenup din ah!! fave prenup shoot ko ito so far ^_^ btw, sorry about having to let you read my venting out post on this supplier

Jhan said...

Oo nga it. Hope all will run smoothly.

Thanks sis for your comment. :P

Pangga said...

sooo love the pics!!! fave ko ung "hitch" scene tsaka ung reflection shot...galing!
happy preps!

Allan+Sha -w@w-

Jaki said...

nice pics! very daring =)

Jhan said...

Hi Jaki,

Thanks for dropping by and posting your comments. I

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