Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Blessed by an Angel's Hand: Our New Monogram

She's very famous in W@W community because of her craft. At first, I was just a viewer of her works. I share my vote everytime a b2b will ask for assistance on which one to choose. I must say she is very talented and must be really accommodating based on the number of favors from her.

So out of curiosity on how our monograms will look like if Fozzy will be the one to do it, I braved myself by dropping a message on her multiply site. And true enough, She is really accommodating. She answered immediately. Gave me instructions on where I can send her details, etc. So being the "Atat" person that I am despite of my busy schedule, I dropped another note, (this time an email) to give her details of our wedding.

To my surprise, our monogram was already available same day I asked the favor. Imagine that!!! Whew! I must say A and I were blessed. To quote her on what she said "na-inspire ako with what you described you guys to be. it's so refreshing from the others na super romantic. natuwa ako masyado hehehe."

My bad was not able to check on my email this past few days. Had I checked on it, will surely brag about it that instantly.

Nonetheless, Fozzy, dear a big big big BIG THANK YOU. You're our Angel. *wink*

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Jaki said...

Hi Janice!

Nice monograms =) These are very fresh, out of the box. Hats off talaga ko kay Fozzy, she's so talented.

I like number 2 and 3 =)

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