Sunday, October 4, 2009


Wow! Time flies so fast....Seems like it's been ages since the last time I posted an entry. Well, it's 40 days to be exact. hehehe.

Ok. Many developments has happened. We booked our last batch of suppliers at Wedding Expo at PICC last Sept. 5.

Invitation Supplier: Booked, Down Payment made. We chose Impress Prints by Calliope Printing. The first time I learned about them was from a fellow W@W sister Hazel. Luckily, they were part of the wedding expo. Yes, they offer very reasonable rates. And they were very accommodating as well. To date, they are working on our layout now. It should be done this month so we can release them by Nov.

Ring Supplier: Because of the very good discount being offered, we decided to change supplier. Our first supplier was a good friend. No bad experience or what so ever. The compelling reason was just BUDGET....MONEY! MONEY! MONEY!. We just need to slash funds and save as much as we can. Ofcourse, in due respect, we informed our friend that we found a great deal and asked for her permission. She's very understanding and gave her blessings so that's it. We then signed with My Diamonds. How can you say no to a 50% discount??!!!!!
Happy us, Happy wallets!!! ^__^

Souvenirs: We decided to add tokens for the Ninangs. Another item to match the first one we bought. Ofcourse, it's from Eventi again.

What other activities we had?
  • Pamamahinkan = DONE!
  • Girls of Bridal entourage has taken their measurements
  • Adrian had his confirmation at Loreto Shrine in Sampaloc.
  • Adrian's Birthday celebration!!!! = fun! fun! fun!
  • Application for marriage license certificate and Family Planning seminar
  • A's mom has taken her measurement as well.
  • My Bridal gown first fitting = DONE!!! ^__^
  • Marriage License Certificate = DONE
The first one happened last Aug. 22.It was my Mom's birthday. We held it at Bagoong Club Resto in Q.C. The second one happened last Aug. 29. The 3rd happened last Sept 13. The 4th and 5th happened Sept. 18 which was so much fun! Hahaha. Hope the other seminars will be that fun too. While 6th and 7th happened last Sept. 26 when Ondoy has spread his angst in Metro Manila. :-(
I had my own share of story about Ondoy. Really really sad on what I witnessed on that day.
The last happened Sept. 28.

Here's to share some pics taken from our couturier's shop, Noe Reyes.

(My BF, Lady)

(My Cadz, Chinkey)

(My cousin, May)

(A's Tita, Tita Nora)

(My Niece, Tin)

The Girls!!! Girl's talaga lahat

Chinx, Me, Lady

I wish I had the time to "kwento" each detail that happened on each milestone we had for preps. For now, just to catch things up, i think this will do. Nakaka-addict kasi ang mga games sa facebook! hahaha! Yun ang reason why delayed ang mga posts. *wink*

Time to sleep! Zzzzzz in a while.

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