Friday, October 30, 2009


We are obviously not going to live together with our parents. It's a clear decision between A and I from the very start. Obviously, we can not afford to get our own house yet. Not even considering a rent-to-own condo. We want the typical house. But that's on our future "to-do" and savings. Hihi. Whew!!! Getting hitch is really really a serious thing.

Nwei, At first, we had a hard time looking for an apartment. Why? Because we are following several criteria that should be met. What are they?

- Affordable: Not exceed 10K monthly rental
- Near Makati: To save, we need a place where we can have max of two short rides (min. fare of P7).
- 1 Bedroom apartment: Studio type is definitely out.
- floor area of at least 25 sqm
- highland: we dont want to experience another Ondoy rath. So a Big NO-NO to flood prone area.

Speaking of Ondoy, I noticed many condo bldgs and even aparment in Pasig, Cainta and even Q.C has slashed their rental price up to 50%. Imagine that. is flooded with advertisements about promo period of vacant units. But we dont want to take the risk. So we sticked with our criteria.

To be honest, A and I had several fighting moments about this. Hahaha. It was stressful. I was the one who was getting more pressure. Whew!!!!
Nonetheless, prayers really do work. We finally found our love nest!!! Yey!

Changing residence address very soon. Lots of profile update on my part.
We are going to live in C5 Taguig. 5 to 10 mins away from Market Market. Min. of 15 mins travel time to Ayala, Makati. If traffic is bad, it will take us 45mins max. Hmmmm...not bad compared to the travel time from Makati to Caloocan for me. And Makati to Valenzuela for Adrian. We are spending almost 2 hours travel time everyday. (one way only) Imagine that. And our pockets are really crying paying for taxi cab fare of 200 when LRT/MRT is already close at 11PM.

Here's a sneak preview of our love nest. Really bare. ^__^


Maggie said...

hi sis! w@wie sis here, nakakatuwa ang lovenest nyo! magkapangalan pa h2bs natin. :-) kami rin naghahanap ng apartment after the wedding, pero sana sa makati area rin. :-)

Jhan said...

Hi Sis Maggie! Talaga? Tokayo pala mga h2b natin.

Magkano budget nyo? Pwede kita tulungan. ^__^

khimphotz said...

hi sis, i'll add u na sa blog ko ha..fellow w@wie here..sorry now ko lang nabasa ung message u sa blog ko n lang ulit nakablog..addict kasi sa FB hehehe..good find ung house sis ah..very nice...

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