Saturday, February 20, 2010

Wedding Day Onsite Video by Jezreel Digital Video

A sneak preview of what actually happened on Our Very Special Day:

Same day onsite video by Jezreel Cruz
Date: Dec. 19, 2009
Church: Our Lady of Victory Chapel, Potrero, Malabon
Videography: Jezreel Cruz

Noticed the pink border? Isn't it cute? ^__^


maan said...

love it sis! :)were you able to get na your video from Jez? :)


Jhan said...

Hi Maan,

Wala pa rin Sis eh....Now I know why Jez is a bit delay....he was busy on his own wedding too!!! ^___^

Jhan said...

btw sis, where is your wedding day onsite and prenup? share naman jan!

Alynn said...

hi there, were you able to get your video from Jez? Can I ask for his contact details, Im following up our video din kasi but the number he gave us isn't working anymore. Thanks:)

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