Saturday, March 27, 2010

Rewind: Our Engagement Video

What: Adrian and Janice Prenup Video
When: June 20, 2009
Where: NLEX, Clark & Subic

It was a sunny day. We left Manila by 9am, together with our Photog, Richard Buan and Videographer, Jezreel Cruz. We're all set for that "Hitch" concept with some worries how we will do the shoot along the road wearing just carton boxes. Hahaha. You bet! We did that and was successful. We were so proud of our concept. Ofcourse every vehicle that passes by NLEX, slowed down a bit just to look at us. Maybe they were wondering if we were really models, doing some shooting or maybe just a couple of loonies that is up again with their crazy antics. hehehe.

A and I were proud of every bit of this activity. A day that we surely would like to remember 'til our hair turns gray. Sharing our video. Enjoy watching! ^__^


惠蘋惠蘋 said...

失意人前,勿談得意事;得意人前,勿談失意事。 ..................................................

maan said...

i love it sis! :)

here's ours:

grabe di ko pa naayos yung pics namin, andami kasi. hahaha. kayo tapos na? :)

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