Saturday, November 20, 2010

Valid Excuses! ^__^

Being 7 weeks and 1 day preggy keeps me in a mixed of emotions. Happy, Grumpy, Excited, Frightful, Hungry, No appetite, Lazy before but more lazy now! hahaha.

I made a couple of emergency absences now because I was not feeling well. I did work from home coz I felt a bit under the weather and was totally not in the mood to get dress nor leave the bed.

I am having food cravings which was normal ofcourse! but no specific food cravings yet. Now I know that pregnant women are not "maarte or umaarte". We just have that special picky, very choosy habit of food, smell, etc.

More than a week ago, I craved for "lugaw or congee" at almost 1am. Our place is not that strategic in terms of street foods but there were 2 nearby fast food chains, Jollibee and Chowking. I was hopeful to get my hot congee from chowking only to find out that they were not 24x7 just like Jollibee that was 2 stalls away. With me on shorts, white T's and just a sweater with hoody and P200 in my wallet, suddenly felt heavens crashed upon me. Hubby saw how sad I was so he immediately hailed a cab and we drove to fort global city to look for another Chowking store that is still open.

Luckily the Chowking near Net3 is 24x7. Imagine how my eyes twinkled seeing them open. So I went to the counter and order but guess what....Congee was not available.....WTF??!!!
Hubby hugged me and told me that we will go to Ayala McKinley gas station coz there's Henlin there that serves congee too. So there! We hailed another taxi with hopeful hearst that get to find my precious congee. Hay!

While inside the cab, A asked the driver if he knows a place nearest where we can get "lugaw or goto". After learning why the search...tumawa si Manong Driver sabay sabi "Naku, ganun talaga! hehehe." Then I pinched A on his legs ang gave him a nasty look.

But true enough, saying "Naglilihi kasi itong kasama ko." was a very good and compelling reason to get easy help. So there, we went to Buting and there was this old fashioned Tapsilugan, Gotohan Store packed with Drivers, late night workers and students eating happily. Each taking a big scoop of rice from their respective plates. I got excited as this was how exactly I pictured myself getting my hot congee.

So we got the 2 chairs from the corner side as these were the only vacant seats left. A and I ordered for our congee with "tuwalya" and tokwa't baboy. The minute I swallowed my first spoonful of congee.....oh! I felt heaven! hahaha...Babaw noh?

To end the story, we left the store happy and super contented. Wallet Damage? Only less than P100 with drinks na yun. But then our total taxi fare was almost P300. Remember I only have P200 in my wallet? Buti na lang A was with me and paid for our taxi fare. hahaha...A just ended up scratching his head then kisses me goodnight. I tell you, I had a very very good sleep that night. hehehe.

And who made our breakfast daily? Not me but A....hahaha.
Being Lazy in the morning is another VALID excuse I can use.

And when I don't like my food or felt full already even with just a bite, A finishes it with open mouth.

Aaahhh....the advantages of expecting. ^__^

Until next post. I hope I won't be too lazy to write and update this blog. :P


Jenggay said...

Savor the feeling sistah, coz it will only last up to 6 months or for some less pa nga and enjoy every minute of it.

Remember, you must always and always do give in with the cravings. It has psychological effect with your baby kasi.

Jhan said...

thanks Jeng!

may next entry ka na ba?

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