Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Buntis 06: Dont touch my Birdie

Boy oh boy!!! See that protruding pototoy? Hihihi

His Dad-To-Be and I are now contemplating on baby names. I already have one that starts with J, my initial and one more that starts with A, my hubby's. Ofcourse it does not have to start in A or J but I want it to be that way. :D

For the A-name, we are not decided yet. Still considering lots of A names. Dad-To-Be is proposing silly names like Oz or Boy.

Haller!!! I won't let my son-to-be ridiculed for the rest of his life with such name...NEVER!!!
I am open in accepting suggestions...any one? :D


astro_prick said...

Maganda naman yung suggestion na Oz ah. Galing kila Yani at Ayeth yun...
" Oz Tria " pangalan pa lang international na. \m/

Jhan said...

Tseh! :P

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