Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Buntis 07: Getting Ready

To date, I'm now in my 34 weeks and 4 days!!! Whew! 5 weeks more and 3 days says my ticker. A and I are really excited to see our little boy. But to be honest, I am a little nervous as well when the delivery time comes. Rest assured, I can make it!!! *fingers crossed*

As days progress, we bought baby things one by one. Had few purchases of baby clothes and some major baby items like stroller and crib. I realized, baby stuff are costly!!! Especially if you invest on good brands and quality products. A even post
ed our first purchase of diapers here. ^__^

Sharing some of our purchase for our baby. BTW, we already have a name for him. Will reveal it in another post. :P

Little Cowboy set

( Dont know why I can't post it horizontally :-( )

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Newlyweds said...

cutey! super mahal talaga ng gamit ng bata noh? mas pricey pa sa isang combined shopping namin mag-asawa.. well, ganun pala talaga pag may anak ka na, walang pricey pricey, all the best you can give.. excited na ko sa arrival ng mga baby boy natin!

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