Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Mom - Me!

Yes! I am a certified Mother, Mom or Mommy now. The feeling is a mix of emotions but I am liking it so much. Today, my son, Aedan Jared is already 2-weeks old. He grow so fast!!! He gained additional 0.5 lbs from 8.2lbs from birth, now 8.7lbs in weight and is now 57cm from 53cm from birth. Wow! I am growing a basketball player in the crib.

I'm surviving dirty diapers and partial-sleepless nights. But it's perfectly fine. I enjoy it. Just simply looking at my son while he sleeps puts me in cloud nine. What more the other milestones he will share with us. Now, each day for me is more exciting. If I was thankful before for each day that God entrusted to me, now, I am more and more thankful. More positive and more colorful! Basta!!! Saya-saya! *wink*

I'm so blessed! We are so blessed. I'm running out of words to describe how happy and contented I am now as a new Mom to my son. ^__^

For now, I will end this entry sharing this:

Thank you Lord for Our Bundle of Joy

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