Monday, July 18, 2011

QT means "us"

QT means Quality Time. And when I say QT, I mean QT for A and I. An event, a moment or a time, exclusive for us.

I used to write about our QTs on my (see this) on my old blog and realized I have stopped talking about it here in my new blog and so is the reason of this entry. ^__^

Yesterday was our (Adrian & I) first time to be away from our son, Jared after 18days of giving birth. It was just me and hubby. We were away for 4 hours because we did the following:

1. Attended Sunday Service: Last July 10, we bought Jared with us attending our ever first Sunday together as a family! Yey! But as expected, in the middle of the service, Jared woke up and started crying. In order not to disturb the rest, Jared and I were asked to leave the room for a while until he calms down and be quiet again. So yesterday, we decided to leave Jared at home under my Mama's care ensuring he has enough supply of breast milk to keep him from getting hungry.

2. Grocery: Once a month, we do our groceries. It was still the same items we have in our cart since Jared is 100% breast fed and his diapers and other toiletries are still enough from our previous shopping. We did it fast so as to be at home on or before 2pm. We decided to buy a take-home food and have our lunch at home instead because I am getting worried about Jared. Wondering if he runs out of milk or what. My 1st separation anxiety, I supposed. :D

And as we settle inside the cab on our way home, A and I had a short talk, that we should always find time to be together (without the baby) so as to continue to have our QT (Quality Time). Just the two of us. We both agree that having our own bonding time will be healthy for our relationship as husband and wife. Yes, it is indeed a remarkable feeling when we are with our son...but we have to remind ourselves, that there was A and I first.

Our next attempt to have our QT is scheduled next weekend. Have to watch the last installment of HP7. I hope we get our tickets this time. *crossing fingers*

Time to extract milk again to ensure Baby Jared will have enough supply of milk by Sat. :P

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