Monday, July 25, 2011

Morning Date

Yey! and Yey!!! Why?

1. I made it! We made it. We were able to see HP7.2 in the big screen and not just in an ordinary movie house but at 
2. IMAX.

Though it's just 25 days after giving birth, I made sure I will see the last installment of Harry Potter movies. There's no way I will let this pass. Never!!! Even with my Mom's constant bickering to stay home. I already let Transformers 3 (TF3) pass though I've been dying wanting to see it as well. 

Peechur muna bago mag-start ang movie
It was only now that I gave IMAX a try. Why? because I believe watching HP7.2 at a more wider and bigger screen will make my movie experience more thrilling and exciting. Forget about the high ticket price (P450 per pax w/o FOOD!!!) basta need to have my IMAX experience once and for all. But I've proven that big 3D glasses does not necessarily mean bigger and better view. Nakakapango pa nga yung 3D shades nila eh. It's really on the proper angel and sitting arrangement. But I must say, parang I was just a foot away from the screen. Dun bongga ang IMAX. Another comment is,  the seats are not even that comfy. And it clinks when you move. Nakaka-distract tuloy while watching the movie. *Sigh* Bawiin ko na kaya yung 2nd Yey ko? :P

I find this movie experience quite unusual for A and I since it's our first time as well to watch a movie on it's first screening time. As in 10:30AM!!! Imagine that! hehehe. We normally get late in the afternoon showtime or last full show. But this time, umagang umaga talaga! hahaha. Iba na pala talaga kapag may baby na. It's double effort for QT. 

The movie runs for almost 3 hours. And since I'm a nursing mom, we have to go home ASAP. No more side trips, strolling and even window shopping. Even before the movie ended, my breasts are already engorged. A sign that my son (who we left under my Mom's care) is already hungry. We just had a quick visit to MOA's Hypermarket to buy bread, and our take home lunch. A wanted to have lunch at our favorite noodle house but I insisted for a take home lunch instead. Engorged breasts are painful and itchy kasi. :-(
By exactly 2PM, we were home. What a kalokang movie date it was. Daig pa namin ang highschool. Diretso uwi! hehehe.

Anyways, here's my short review/feedback about HP7.2. If you haven't seen the movie yet, I advise you to stop reading now or I will just spoil it for you:
  • Loved it to the max!!!
  • The scenes, especially the highlights from the book was shown in the movie.
  • Cinematography is superb!
  • Characters were given their fair chance to shine except for Ginny Weasley. Parang kulang ang exposure nya sa HP7.2. Dinaig pa sya ni Luna Lovegood. I loved it how JK Rowling made a hero in Neville Longbottom. Cool!!!
  • Fight scenes were superb!!! It's bloody awesome! I love Mrs. Weasley and Bellatrix Lestrange duel! I was so thrilled reading it from the book and imagining how they did their fight. I was super contented how they translated the duel in the movie!!!
  • Alan Rickman a.k.a Severus Snapes was so brilliant and effective in his acting as "Always".. :D
  • Ron and Hermione's kissing scene sucks!!! Ano ba yun? Mas ok pa yung kissing scene ni Harry and Hermione sa HP 7.1
  • Ending is cool. I loved how they they dressed up old-married versions of Harry, Ginny, Ron and Hermione. As expected, Hermione was way way far in fashion sense than Ginny. Hehehe. 
  • Overall rating = 5 Blue Stars!!! ( oh ha! hottest star dapat :P )


Suyen said...

I agree with Ron & Hermione's kissing scene as less than impressive. I was super disappointed with that. and how they downplayed Fred's death. I was hoping to see more of the duels between certain characters. Haay, but overall, it did pretty well. :)

Next time say hello ha? :D

Jhan said...

I will! :P

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