Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Sharing my side: August is breastfeeding month

I am a month-old nursing Mom and counting....

I already talked about my experience on breastfeeding on this entry but let me continue and share some more since August is the month of breastfeeding.

My son, Aedan Jared is a vigorous sucker. It is painful everytime I feed him. My nipples are sore (as always since day 1). Even if he latched on properly, still, the pain is there. There are times he will bite on my nipples and Boy oh Boy, that is really painful. Recently (about 2 weeks ago, apart from biting), he learned to pull my nipples when he is upset or when he tries to get his best position to sleep (He do this everytime inaantok na sya) Hay naku! Talaga naman! Napapasigaw ako.

My MIL (Mother in Law) used to teased me na "Nag-aaway na naman kayong mag-ina..."

I tried putting on nipple cream to help ease the pain and soreness. It works, yes, but as mentioned, everytime I feed my son, the pain is there as well because he is indeed a vigorous sucker. As what I read from books, babies who suck vigorously are also called "Barracudas". Dabbing on my very own milk on my cracked and sore nipples helps and actually heals them. Yun nga lang, nasusugat ulit.

I have been away from home and my baby for more than 3 times now. My baby fed on extracted milk from which I pumped out manually from my boobies and put in the fridge so A and I can have our "US" time. Being away from home for several hours resulted to big, swollen, hard and painful breasts or termed as "breast engorgement". With this condition, we need to immediately go home. And when we get home, I still need to rest at least 30mins before I can feed baby J or pumped the milk out just to be relieved from pain. But pain does not stop after pumping out milk, it is still there. A throbbing and itchy feeling combined. Hu hu hu. Hardships and sacrifices all for your little one.

I admit, there were more than a couple of times I thought of giving up breastfeeding. I even consulted our Pedia for a formula to give just in case my milk is not enough or dries up when I report for work a month from now. I confess, that in my head, I am really thinking of mix-feeding.

But despite of these pains and rants on breastfeeding, I still do it and don't have any plans (as for now...hehehe) to give up breastfeeding. I do a lot of reading on breastfeeding so as to keep me in the zone and be positive on continuing breastfeeding. I also follow old-school-tips on breastfeeding that really works such as:
  • good diet and nutrition since I am still feeding for two
  • Malunggay, malunggay and malunggay always on my food with soup or sometimes, it's just malunggay soup only mixed with Knorr cubes.
  • Making sure I drink lots of water every day to keep me hydrated.    
I know my son will benefit most from this sacrifice. Basta, all the best for him. I will provide and give my all as long as I can even if it means that I will undergo hardships. To moms, mom-to-be and women who will happen to read this, I am telling you to help promote breastfeeding. I have talked about its advantages on my previous post.

Bottom line, I know i made the right choice of having my shot on breastfeeding and hoping, I can sustain this for x months and even years for my son.

just a month-old-nursing-mom and counting...

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