Saturday, December 17, 2011

Ever First Online Prize

A big big THANK YOU to Mar of NYOBQ. Finally got the arty inspired ring! Was so so happy!!!
 The delivery arrived last Dec. 13 but I only had the time to blog about this today. Apologies. Been so busy with lots of deadlines left and right. Actually, this is just a short break...the baby is already I can now have the "short" pleasure of doing my online reading, FB and blog entry.... Bilis Bilis baka magising si baby! :P

As the title of this entry says, this is the very first time I won a prize for an online promo. The promo is about celebrating "Eight Weeks of Christmas" where you have to share "How to spread love this season".


When I saw the packaged, apart from black, It was the next shade I like to win. ^__^

Isn't it gorgeous?

Simply Lovely....
I'm feeling like a princess wearing this! ^__^
Great timing coz Christmas is fast approaching and my birthday too!!! Can't wait to wear this.

Again, A bunch of Thanks to Mar of NYOBQ for being so generous. Let's all share love not only this season but all year round.
Love! Love! Love!


*mae* said...

Wow! YOu also won the ring pala!! Ganda no?!

Jhan said...

yes! thanks to you sis...tru your blog, i learned about the promo!

Happy New Year!!! May you and your family have a peaceful and safe welcome and celebration of 2012.

Jenggay said...

alam ko na kung ano ang tawag jan sa ring na yan....ENTER THE DRAGON RING :)

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