Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Wish List

Christmas is just around the corner...Bilis!!! Ilang tulog na lang. This is the first time I will be bold in telling what I want to get hopefully this coming holidays. Apart from Christmas, this month, will be celebrating our 2nd Wedding Anniversay on the 19th and my Birthday on the 27th. So, I hope, some of those in my list will be granted this month. *cross fingers*

And the list goes....

 My Wish List:
1. iPhone 3GS white butterfly case or
2. iPhone 3GS black and pink butterfly case or
3. iPhone 3GS case in Neon Pink, Green or Orange ^__^
4. iPad 2 with Pink casing! syempre!
5. iPhone USB cable...please, I badly need a new one!
6.1 Anne Klein Gold Watch Charm
6.2 Anne Klein Garden Watch Charm (can be Fossil Watch Charm too :p)
7. Estee Lauder Pleasures Perfume
8. blazer of that type
9. Kor Bottle
10. Knomo Serra Trolley Laptop Bag (I really need this one or at least a durable laptop trolley bag!)
11. pink floral shoes ^__^
12. Nude or Beige pumps
13. Red strap shoes ^__^
14. Out of the country getaway.
15. Longchamp Travel Bag (syempre pink pa rin! :P)
16. A trip to the Salon for a new hair color. (This time I want dark brown)
17. Pearl Necklace
18. A bouquet of my favorite chocolate! (Ferrero Rocher)
19. Boracay!!! Or a beach vacation
20. Cruise!!!! Can start at Asian Cruise :P
21. A relaxing body massage. Can be couple massage para kasama si Hubby. :-)

And for my baby boy....I hope he gets the following. Ninongs and Ninangs!!! Please take note of these!!!!

1. Stackable Toys
2. Shape Shaper
3. Diaper Supply!!! Pwede 1 year supply? Baby J uses Mamy Poko brand.
4. Stroller Pad
5. Ball (for now, soft ball muna kasi he is still so young)
6. Baby pants with cute animal bottoms
7. Baby Bedding (I want of green color or with animal designs)
8. Baby Car!!!
9. More white sandos

Wishing someone will respond to these wish list!!!

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