Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy Christmas! Happy Feet! Happy Me!

This month, we celebrated our 2nd wedding anniversary. It was very simple and plain. A even reported for work while I stay at home but still working from home nga lang! :P
We wanted to keep it that way. But A managed to bring gifts for me. Hot Bibingka, Quickly's Super Taro Ice + my favorite box of chocolates....Ferrero Rocher! Yey! We told each other that official gifts will be claimed in a later date.


It's the very first time we celebrated Noche Buena were all members of my family (Rovero Family) are complete!!! It was a simple get together and yet so happy and for sure will be memorable even for the rest of the members of my family.

Rovero Family


2 days after Christmas was my birthday!!! Hooray!!! Since I am officially on vacation, and A had his VL too, we decided to celebrate both our anniversary and my birthday last 27th. First stop was High Street. Time to claim for our gifts! Since we celebrated 3 occasions this month, I have the right to claim 3 gifts! Yey!
comfy...thanks may ganito..ikaw na magbuhat ng halos 10kgs!!! Waahhhh!
Carrier: Ergo Baby
1. Anniversary Gift
2. Christmas Gift and
3. Birthday Gift

Si A, 2 lang...hehehe, minus his birthday.

We went from one shop to another and ended up shoe shopping!!! Yey again!!! Good Lord, Jared was so cooperative and remained contented and happy on his stroller and even enjoyed being held in his baby carrier as we stroll from one shop to another. After which, we satisfied and fill our empty tummies with comfort food from Cafe Juanita at Burgos Circle.

Dinner at Cafe Juanita

Ofcourse, birthday celebration will not be complete without a cake and candle to blow! :P

It was another simple yet memorable birthday celebration for me. I spent it with the two most important people in my life. A and J. ^__^

Triple X from Sugar House

The celebrants: My 30ish Bday and Jared 's 6th Month

Gift #2: Classic Black
Gift #1: Isn't it fab? Will surely feel like a star if i wear this! :P

Gift #3: My very first pair from NW
Papahuli ba si A? Gift #1 nya

Obviously, Our Christmas is really Merry!!!
Blouse: Kamiseta
Necklace: Gifted (Thanks Esa)
Shorts: Bazaar find
Ring: Arty - Prize from online promo by NYOBQ

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