Thursday, January 5, 2012

Silver Boobies

Cheers!!! Yes! I am celebrating because I have surpassed 6 months and still counting of EXCLUSIVE breast feeding. Whew!!! That's a big big achievement for a working mom like me.

As I write this entry, it's actually 6 moths and 10 days and with this, I earned my Silver Boobs Award. In nursing calendar these are the important milestones:

Nursing for 3 Months = Bronze
Nursing for 6 Months = Silver
Nursing for 12 Months or 1 Year = Gold
Nursing for 24 Months or 2 Years = Platinum

I'm targeting the Golden Boobies. *Sigh* That's a lot of hard work to do, because I will still carry that extra bag (insulated bag for expressed milk) with me everyday I go out of the house. Need a lot of patience especially now that Baby J is developing his first set of teeth. Patience not to snap at him whenever he tries to bite my nippies and patience in carrying him at times I nurse him while standing. At 6 months, Baby J weighs almost 10kgs. That's a normal weight of a one-year old baby. Oh boy, he really is a BIG baby.

Need to continuously drink lots of water, have soup in my meal regularly, take that malunggay supplement everyday and avoid drinking caffeine and ofcourse alcohol.

Though I have several sacrifices because of breastfeeding, I know I have and enjoyed the benefits of it more than doubled. First, the reward of FREE supply of milk. That's a lot of savings! As in Big Time! If my milk stopped after 2 months of giving birth, our expenses will surely shoot up high. Considering 1 can of milk is 1k that will last for a week. That's already a clear savings of not less than 16K for 4 months just for milk. At the rate he drinks milk, I doubt my son will only consume 1kg can of milk in a week. Na-ah!

Second, the unexplainable joy of producing and providing for your baby. Nature's natural way! Simply amazing. Third, the pleasure of bonding together. The two of us. Mother & Son. The way he looks at my eyes while he drinks simply melts my heart....always.

Aaahh...the simple rewards of being a mother.

Well, I think, the blue nursing cloth will not have its break anytime soon! NOT YET : P

While nursing in a coffee shop. Baby J fully covered, you'll think I'm just wearing a shawl. hehehe

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Ayen said...

congrats! keep it up as long as you can! i wasnt able to breatfeed my baby since ayaw nya, nipple confusion siguro but i was able to bottlefed him my milk for the first two months only. you're right, breastmilk is cheaper talaga! a 1 large can of milk cost 1.6k and it only last for less than two weeks! imagine our expenses! and unlike your baby, my baby boy is just 8 kg at 6 months, normal and healthy pa din naman. =)

im going to make sure ill breastfeed my next baby when i get pregnant after 3 years. =)

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