Monday, February 13, 2012

Marshmallow Mama's Malunggay Cookies

I have been EXCLUSIVELY nursing Jared for exactky 7 months, 2 weeks and 2 days now. It's really an effort to keep my milk supply with Jared who's growing bigger and bigger and consumes milk very quickly. I am taking supplements and always have soup and malunggay leaves included in our meals at least 3x a week. I tried malunggay pandesal and even malunggay juice!

A and I dining at stock market resto in High Street, Fort Bonifacio

my malunggay juice

Just to keep up with my son's milk demand, I read and look for other ways to consume malunggay and keep my milk flow at constant. And I'm happy to find this! Cookies made of Malunggay!!!

Mango Malunggay Cookies by The Marshmallow Mama
I read about this from Jenny of Chronicles of a Nursing Mom. And I am really interested and would love to try this. This blog entry is not only for the sake of joining the promo but I just simply want to write about it and really uber interested in this product. Even If I win or not will give this product a try.

Haha! I remember, I once labeled myself a cookie monster! Coz I always munch on cookies every so often. There was a time, I hoard every flavor or my favorite cookies (Mrs. Fields and Soft Baked) for a 2-month worth of supply. hehehe.

Will send and email to Marshmallow Mama to order. ^__^ (excited?)


Chris said...

go and have some! it would definitely help you in your breastfeeding! :D

Anonymous said...

Do you know how to make malunggay cookies? I really need help. Thanks :)

Jhan said...

Hi, unfortunately, i dont know how but u may buy it at Anna Banana shop in Enterprise Tower, Makati. It costs P65 for a pack of 6 cookies and my hubby got a free sample too.

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