Monday, February 13, 2012

Perspective 08-13: Down

Alright, the reason why I have not been able to post any entry since Feb. 7 because.... I'M SICK!!! I was having pain in my throat since Feb. 4, Saturday, but just ignored it hoping that my immune system will take care of whatever bacteria I have. But I was wrong. My immune system must have been down since I had few sleep taking care of our sick baby 2 weeks ago + the ever changing weather and so BOOM! It hit me. Maybe Jared's throat virus transferred on me...Hmmmm...wait a minute...I remember praying one night to spare Jared of his sickness and let me suffer instead. Waaaahhhh!!!!! Masyado naman ata akong spoiled sa 'yo Lord. You granted my prayer. Ang sakit pala!!!! huhuhu.

From my previous post, I mentioned about Jared's throat illness HERPANGINA. And apparently, it hit me too! Actually, as I write this post, I'm still on Sick Leave (SL) since Thursday, Feb. 9. I'm not yet totally well...Aarrrghhh...I'm still in pain...big time!!! though no more fever and headache. I was donw Wednesday evening, Feb. 8 coming from a whole day client meetings from Makati-Manila-Makati. I was not well at all in the afternoon of Feb. 8 and already suffering from a headache. I thought, It was just from the long drive from Manila and how Kuya Jack, (our company driver) drives the car. Kuya Jack has a reputation of getting his passengers dizzy but the good thing about him is, you'll never get late on meetings because he let the car fly and swerves like a crazy snake. Anyways, back to my kwento...I came home late Feb. 8 from a dinner meeting with my client at Conways, Makati Shangrila chilling excessively. I thought, the room was just cold, the hotel lobby was cold,the hotel ladies room was cold and even the cab I took was cold but apparently...I'm chilling big time because I was already burning with fever.

The following day, Feb. 9, I was still able to go to the doctor at Healthway, Market Market and saw an ENT doctor. By the way, I must share with you that he is indeed handsome and yummy!!! hahaha!! Kung di lang malamlam mga mata ko, malamang nahalata ni doc. na crush ko sya! hehehe...Well, he has a manly body, a good height of about 5'10" or more, handsome face, and gentle voice. Basta, gwapo sya!. Anyways, to cut the story short, I was sick because of several throat illness + rhinosinusitis. I was given a couple of medicines to take. But since I was nursing, the medication to lessen the soreness or blisters on my mouth was taken out from the list because according to Doc. Henry C. it will give Jared hyperacidity. So the mommy in me has to take the sacrifices. Oh, good Lord, I am really in excruciating pain for days until now. I can't eat much. I can't talk much. I can't drink much and I can't even swallow my own saliva. I remember Jared drooling so much when he was ill with Herpangina.

In the absence of the Mefanamic - an anti-inflamatory drug, I tried gargling hot water + salt, Bactidol and now I'm using Betadine Gargle. Among the 3, Betadine gives me a more soothing relief because of its mint flavor and cool effect. However, this only gives me minutes of less pain and afterwhich, i'm back to hell-throat-feeling. Waaaahhh!!!

I admit, this is the worst throat illness I ever had in my entire life. I am now thinking and considering to have a tonsillectomy - a surgical procedure in which the tonsils are removed. Hayyy....I just want to get over this. I hope the antibiotics I'm taking now really kicks in.

To catch up with my love-related photo journal post, I'm putting the ff. pictures altogether. :-)
Advance Happy Heart's Day everybody. I don't know yet how will I spend it. Let's see, what tomorrow brings.

08: Love note from A way back 2010.
09: This picture reminds me how A and I used to held our hands (pinkies only) when we are still dating.

10: Even our toothbrush is a family! :P

11: This soothes my sorethroat

12: My Precious! Proud of his two front teeth! :D

13: Advance Happy Hearts Day Everybody!!!!

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