Wednesday, February 22, 2012

New Milk Supplement

Before I get to the main topic of this blog entry, allow me to say to you, dear readers that the one-month photo journal challenge I gave to myself, I now concede a FLUNK. Sad to say, I failed to post one photo entry for 3 times and so I must say enough of this. I'm just fooling myself. I really can't update this blog everyday. It's a FACT. I'm simply happy updating this blog and sharing my thoughts at least once a week.

Ok, let's move on. As I mentioned from my previous post on Malunggay Cookies, I really made sure I will have a bite of those promising cookies. Either I win the promo or not, I told myself I will buy and try those malunggay cookies. And so I did!!! Yey!!!

Left: Mango Malunggay; Right: Dark Choco Oats
They are actually good! At first, it has a weird taste. Sort of bitter after taste. It must be the malunggay powder itself. But My Mom said, she has not tasted any bitterness and she liked it...a lot! Her bet was the mango malunggay because it's more sweeter. As I munched on the cookies, they appear to be yummy on each bite. Among the 2 flavors, ofcourse, I like the choco more than the mango. And it's true, that it helps increase milk supply. I will surely buy more and for those milking mamas who will read this, I highly recommend this product. I'm wondering how the sugar free flavor taste.

BTW, it was actually hubby who bought me these cookies from Anna Banana shop in Enterprise Tower, Makati. It costs P65 for a pack of 6 cookies and my hubby got a free sample too.

Oh, as I checked, I did not win the give-away promo but it's ok, I'll still buy my next batch of cookies! :-)
Will try the banana walnut oats next time.

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