Monday, April 30, 2012

Bday Preps #1

Yes, our little one is turning 1 already in exactly 1 month and 4 weeks as our ticker says. (found at the right sidebar).

A and I decided that we will just make it simple. A party in a regular fast food store will suffice since Jared still don't know how to enjoy his own party. We are only targeting 100 pax (adults and kids combined).

So, before the sun sets in today, I started to inquire in the nearest fast food (the happy bee) in our place. I checked on the available themes to choose from and there are only 3 options. I learned that the minimum booking is 30 pax. We can bring cake of our choice but should NOT be the brand of their direct competition. Cake from not-so-commercial bakeshop will do but it's a Big No to eat the cake during the party. It's only for candle blowing and picture taking purpose. Well, this is acceptable since they avoid being blamed for food poisoning issues and if such thing happens, the only culprit will be the food served from their store and nothing else.

There are 4 Food Packages to choose from, well, technically 5 since the other one is Build-Your-Own-Menu.
From the packages, I can sense that we might will go for Package 5 (Build Your Own).

I could say, it's a blessing in disguise that we were not able to book for a face painter because the store does not allow it. They only allow Videographers and Photobooth. And it will cost us additional 200/hour for electricity for our Photo booth. Yes! We are having Photo booth too for Jared's birthday. hehehe. Similar to our wedding, Photo booth pictures will serve as souvenirs for his party. Actually, the Photo booth was the first supplier booking we had in preparation for Jared's 1st Birthday. We booked it last year pa! hahaha. (Adik lang mga parents pagdating sa photos. :P )

Ok, as the Q & A portion went on, I was surprised that it will really cost me almost 19K for 100 pax. Complete Birthday Package na ito.
  • Food
  • Party Fee (Misc) - Mascot with 30 mins appearance, guestbook, crayons, balloons (ceiling displays)
  • Party Add-Ons (Party hats, party liners or the paper placements, 30 pcs. balloons (P12/pc for add ons)
  • Special Loot Bags (P50/pc) - The Standard is P25, Premium is P80
  • Cake - Only small and regular size available. Regular size is 900.
So If our guests will exceed 100 (I'm sure it will) then we will be over 20K budget! Waaahhh!!! Kami na lang kayang 3 magcelebrate. hahaha.

If we are to book with the happy bee, then my choice of having a themed cake like on his baptismal will never be possible anymore since they don't allow it. No famous characters or brandings allowed like mickey mouse, barney, ben10, etc. If we are to insist to bring in our cakes, the general designs will be acceptable. Hmm....ayos na rin....we can have a 12 x 8 in cake at 900 only. Tipid! :P

Well...this is just my initial inquiry. Will ask the pizza store nearest our place maybe this weekend. As for the the other happy clown store, the nearest is in Market Market, while the nearest chicken store is in Fort.

On this preparations, I will have to remind myself again and again of our Goal. Just a SIMPLE birthday celebration.

Let go of the nice and fancy loot bags.
Let go of the clowns.
Let go of the face painter
Let go of the party carts.
Let go of the balloon toy making.
Let go of catering service.
Let go of the professional photographer and videographer. far, I'm on track. (Can someone give me a pat on my back pls.)

Again, the photo booth is already booked so that's not counted as "Kaartehan". :P

More update on next posts.

Need to sleep for now.

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