Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Photo a day challenge: May -- Day 1 = PEACE

Yes! I'm joining. I wanted to join April but for obvious reasons, I was not able to share even a single photo. And since today kick starts May. BTW, Happy Labor Day! Majority of the work force are chillin' and enjoying the holiday.

Ok. For the month of May, the list is:

I hope I can submit a photo everyday! :-)
For the mechanics, click link here.

BTW, this idea is from Fat Mum slim. You may read and follow her blog here.

Hmmm...it's May 1 but I have no choice not to do domestic chores today. No helper yet. :-(
So far the ff. were accomplished
  • Went for a short 20 mins work out. 
  • Send Jared for a swim in the pool.
  • Bath Jared and fix him up for sleep.
  • Cooked Pork Sinigang for lunch.
  • Checked/Browsed FB
  • Update our Saver's file.
  • Create entry for this blog.

What has to be accomplished for the rest of the day?
  • Iron clothes (waaahhh....obviously, I'm procrastinating...hahaha)
  • Visit nearest parlor for a pedicure
  • Prepare things for tomorrow's work.
*Sigh* May 1 is indeed LABOR day for me! :P

My entry for the "Peace" category will be:

The house is at peace when the little one is asleep! :-)

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