Sunday, May 20, 2012

Mother's Day

Yeah, yeah, this is a very late post. But what the heck, it's all worth it! I am now a mom too and I take took part of this celebration.

Playing with his toy balloon.
This year was my 2nd year as a Mom to celebrate Mother's Day. We actually celebrated it a day earlier (Saturday, May 12) primarily because Mama (my biological mom) will have to go home to Caloocan that weekend. Together with my Papa who was visiting that week, my youngest bro who is staying with us for a vacation, Adrian, Jared and I went to Makati to dine out and buy a gift for my Mom. (a surprise gift actually) I just told them that we will have lunch outside and buy milk for Jared.

We ate at Superbowl Glorietta 4 and stuffed ourselves with our usual favorites, beef broccolli, steamed fish, dimsum plater, chicken molo soup, yang chow fried rice, halo-halo for dessert and unlimited prawn crackers. All dish in family size serving. Matatakaw kasi...kasama pa ang utol kong construction worker kung kumain. hehe

The little boy got a sword toy balloon as a kiddie treat and enjoyed seating on the high hair. (his first time actually coz he can now really sit straight independently).

Mama & Papa
Want some?

Can I order Mommy?

When we say "Pa-cute" This is his response. ^__^

After lunch, we had a short stroll inside the mall. Mama and Papa clueless of where we are heading. They are itching to go home already because of big chances of being caught up with volume of people commuting via MRT.

And so, I went inside an optical store and told Mama to pick her choice of spectacles. I thought Mother's day is the perfect time to give her a new one (since 2009). We canvassed for several designs between 2 optical stores in Glorieta and finally she ended up with this.

Mama's Mother's Day Gift: A brand new red spectacles.

On the actual day of Mother's Day. We attended our usual 8am service and started a brand new series entitled "Take Home". Very timing 3-series lessons about how to transform families. Victory Fort is really generous (as always) and gave each mom a token of appreciation on Motherhood.
Mother's Day Gift from Victory Fort. A notepad with quotes about mothers. Very nice.

I was in waiting mode on how will that day end...but I think I expected much...or better say too much and ended up with nothing. As in nothing. Not even a greeting. *Sigh*

I think, when A joked last Saturday (May 12) that I am not his mother and there is NO Wife Day, therefore, no reason for him to give me anything...I think he really mean this. Feelingera rin naman kasi ako. Nalimutan ko na diretso nga pala magisip at magsalita ang mga lalaki. Walang paliguy-ligoy. Nagexpect pa ako.

Hmmmm....Or maybe we've been together too long (as BF-GF, almost 10 years) that he's been too comfortable having me around...but being husband & wife?'s only our 2nd year and turning 3 by the end of the year.

When I confronted the husband come monday evening....he said he thought he greeted me already only to find out that he was still dreaming. Oh yeah! But reality really hurts when he admitted he planned nothing.

Ok...past is past...I should move on. Anyways, I was able to blurted out my frustrations here. (thanks blogspot). After all, I am entitled to my own opinion here.

Better luck next time. :-)

Belated Happy Mother's Day to all the moms in the world!!! 


Ayen said...

let everyday be a mother's day.. happy mother's day to us!

The Mommist said...

Awww...nice post! Belated Happy Mom's Day fellow mom! :)

Just followed you on GFC. Hope to get a follow back and on twitter as well. :) Thank you!

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