Friday, May 4, 2012

Photo a Day: Day 2 = Skyline

I woke up early today as usual but decided to get up early. Well, waking up has a big difference in getting up. Hahaha. In most cases, i tend to fall asleep again when I stay on bed chillin' some more with our pillows and sheets. Hehe.

The little one (baby Jared) also woke up early today pinching my nose and turning up and down, rolling over and over on my side of the bed thus, I find it hard to sleep again. And so when I look outside the window, the sun has risen (it's around 5:30am), the sky is already bright but not yet blueish bright yet. I grabbed my iPhone and took 2 shots of my skyline view. Here it goes:

Take 1: Jet line :-)

Take 2: Look, It's a plane!
 I also submitted a picture via instagram. #photoadaymay.
For Skyline, I choose the 1st picture since I can't fit the 2nd picture in Instagram scale. :-(
I like the 2nd one more.

Until tomorrow....need to sleep by now.


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