Saturday, July 28, 2012

A Baker is Born

I have a sweet tooth. I love chocolates, ice cream, cakes and anything that is sweet. My fascination and love for sweets made me curious on how they were made. And so one day, I just had this strong urge to try and bake. But how? We don't even have a microwave oven. I remember, every time we visit the grocery and pass on the baking section, I always stop and look at the baking products on the shelves. The devils cake, the yellow cake, brownies, muffin, etc.

And so march this year, when the LPG gas went on crazy high on early part of the year, we noticed that our consumption is getting faster. A's uncle said that our gas stove's burner consumes more than the regular one because it has double rings. To save on gas, we must purchase single ring with lesser holes.

This type of burner consumes more LPG. Double Rings.

Single ring with fewer holes in the middle.
Unlike the picture above, this one can help you consume LPG longer.

Ok...because we are trying to save on LPG, we went out to the nearest mall and look for a new gas stove. Guess what, we ended up buying and bringing home a gas range with oven. har har har!!! Now that's what we call cost cutting! :P
Well, A and I have our own hidden agenda in buying the gas range. We both want to BAKE!!!!
I want to bake cakes and pastries and A wants to bake dishes of fish, chicken, pork and do roasts too!

So now I have the main machine to bake, I started buying baking utensils, cupcake pans, mixing bowls, measuring cups, weighing scale and the newest addition is the mixer!!! Yey!!!

My Mixer

Ultra Moist Chocolate with Chocolate Whipped Ganache
Let's eat?

Chocolate cupcake with Cream Cheese Frosting

My two recent bake products were both a hit to our tastebuds. And I was so proud of myself. (too proud actually! hahaha)

Thanks a lot to online bloggers for sharing there recipes. I really learned a lot. If you will notice too, I added another blog list on my sidebar on my favorite sites for baking. :P

To get a copy of the Ultra Moist Chocolate Cake, you may get it HERE.
Again, thanks to Aikko of Bake Happy.

I must admit, a BAKER is finally born in ME...hihihi.
Expect more baking adventures.... x-o-x-o


Maudey said...

Good job, Jhan! :) I'm jealous! I want to learn how to bake too!

Jhan said...

Thanks Maudey. Madali lang as long as you have the heart for it. :-)

I can share with you some recipes I have.

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