Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Pinoys, Let us unite again for Monsoon Relief

Today is the 2nd day that I stayed at home due to the bad weather. As I watch TV or hear the radio, news about flood and accidents because of this non stop down pour are very very alarming.

The sky is dark and heavy rains, sheets of rain continuous to pour since yesterday. *Sigh*
Oh Lord, please have mercy on us and let the rain stop and the waters to subside fast.

I want to salute our heroes today. The volunteers and rescue teams who brave the rain and raging currents.

And only us Pinoys can smile and take light this type of experiences.

I also have my own share of photos of flood within our area:
Left Pic: No flood yet on the main street;  Right Pic: After 30mins of non-stop rain.

Inside our place.

Let us all unite and share what we can. Food, clothes, donations and even SERVICE will surely be appreciated. Ofcourse, PRAYERS is much needed too.

There a lots of NGOs and even mission groups who accepts volunteer help and donations.
For Red Cross, visit and read info here.

Religious Organizations like Victory is also doing relief efforts here.

And please please....those who are saying that this rain is God's punishment and insinuate RH Bill, I strongly suggest, STOP!!!! This is not the time for this. This time calls for UNITY in sharing, giving and helping. Plain as that.
And I just hope with the upcoming election by next year, government officials or candidates will not take this as an advance campaign for themselves.

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