Saturday, January 26, 2013

First for 2013

Hello there! Wow!!! Yes! It's been quite a looooong while since the last time I stride my fingers on my lappy just to post for a blog entry.

The last one was about the monsoon way back August of last year. Bbbbooooo me!!

Yeah yeah. Let's just say I made a long hiatus and decided to throw myself to a deep slumber. (I wish)
Basically, it's busy-ness + tamaditis. har har har

Allow me to share (in an outline) what kept me out of the blog zone.
1. Sept 2012 - A's Birthday month
2. Oct 2012 - Trick or Treats
3. Nov 2012 - same same
4. Dec 2012 -
  • Charity works
  • Christmas shopping
  • Parties left and right
  • Christmas month and I baked and baked cupcakes and bread as gifts for friends and relatives.
  • Reunion with College Barkadas
  • Our 3rd Wedding Anniversary (aaayiiii)
  • My 30ish Birthday :P
5. Jan 2013 - Happy New Year!!!
So far, did the ff:
  • Family Reunion (A's side)
  • Catching up with College Barkadas (the balikbayans)
  • Out of town vacation in Baguio with A's family
There! That's a quick summary of past events. hehehe.
I have tons of accumulated pictures that I still haven't arranged and edited for posting. Most of it are in FB and instagram.
I hope this blog will be updated more often than last year. ^__^


giday said...

hello Sis Jhan! Happy New Year! Daming ganap ah. God bless sis! =)

Ayen said...

Hello busy mommy! :) Lets's make sure we update our blogs once a month, sis! Im catching up on my blog posts as well

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