Friday, September 13, 2013


Dear blog,

Hello??!! Still remember me? I hope yes. My deepest apologies for the long hiatus that has been.
Such my bad to completely neglect you when in fact you are one medium I normally go to when I need to share my thoughts, my feelings, my achievements, my dream and even my futile rants.

I admit I am incompetent in managing my time and just putting things in order in terms of prioritization.
I thought I can have ample time writing but I'm wrong.

Been trying to visit and read links little by little like tonight. hahaha. (the mister is busy watching TV and the toddler playing with his puzzles).

I do hope I can come back and write more often.

I have so much in mind on what to share, what to write.
Bottom line, I miss writing...I miss us.

Good night for now. :-)

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